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Hotel area information

Introducing sightseeing spots around Okazaki Dai-ichi Hotel

  • Recommended sightseeing spots at Okazaki Dai-ichi Hotel

  • Okazaki City Events

    • Summer Seasonal Tradition"Fireworks"

  • Sightseeing spots where you can fully enjoy nature

    • Cherry Blossoms

      Cherry blossoms in full bloom spread out on the riverbed in front of the hotel.
      It is in full bloom around April every year.
    • Wisteria Festival

      The best time to see is from mid-April to May.
  • Popular YouTuber recommended spots

    • supermarket"Ai Land"

      It is a supermarket bought by YouTuber is popular in the "Please go from here to here" video.
      Please buy it as an adult.
    • Cibico

      Okazaki's symbolic shopping mall.
      There is a mural drawn by the YouTuber on the outer wall on the north side, and there is a member's autograph at Shobunkan Shoten
      Especially the sign is very difficult to understand, so please look for it carefully.
      For subsequent course, park here and walk around.
      There is a charge for the parking lot, but if you shop for 500 yen, it will be free for 2 hours.
    • Asahiken Motonao Main Store

      Asahiken Motonao next to the mural, and you can enter from there.
      It's full of backyard feeling so I'm wondering if I can really enter, but it's okay.
      When you go up the stairs, you will find a traditional Japanese sweets shop.Try the popular YouTuber package buns and Okazaki Specialty Kuzumochi ice cream.
      To get to the next spot, exit from the front entrance instead of the back door.
    • Abarenbou Chicken

      Fried Chicken Grand Prix highest gold award winning store that is popular with YouTuber
      It is a famous fried chicken restaurant led by the "Iriguchi"
      In addition to the sweet sauce on the iron plate and Okazaki, we also recommend different flavors such as yuzu pepper and herb salt.
      There are some handwritten works of popular YouTuber the store, and there is also a rare sign of failure of a member.
    • Top Jimmy

      A select shop where a member bought an adult for just under 120,000 yen.
      This is an apparel store bought by YouTuber is popular in the "Please go from here to here" video.
      All the clothes were taken over by the member who was in first place.
    • Tourist Association Kagoda Information Center

      The head temple of tourist information.It is a facility where various tourist information is collected.
      In addition to distributing YouTuber,
      If you make a new educational item related to it, you will often distribute it here as well, so it is a good idea to stop by once.

      A banana juice specialty store with a unique appearance that has only one banana hung in front of the store and an order window.
      There is a popular YouTuber sign on the sign.It's a fashionable and unusual store, but the price is quite reasonable.
      Buy juice here and head back to Cibico's parking lot with a drink.
      Just go straight west from here and you'll reach Cibico's mural.
      When the weather is nice, it is recommended to relax in Kagoda Park